• Unique inverted 143 meter conveyor with Electrostatic paint system, Air Blow & De-stat room, with 2 disc action booths.
  • 1 multi gun spray booth,
  • Atomisation is both centrifugal and electrostatic allowing us to give the finest of finishes possible.
  • Using only water based paint products which is environmentally acceptable.  
  • With capacity of over 50,000,000 bottles per annum
  • 95% paint efficiency reducing costs to the customer,
  • Uniform high quality paint finishes for all products.
  • Multi coloured finish capabilities and techniques in a huge spectrum of colours.
  • 2 high volume Lehrs 
  • Semi automatic direct screen printers

Sampling of production work is supplied for approval prior to your order being completed, giving you complete satisfaction that your order is exactly as sampled.

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Lovingly Bottled by Global River

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